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Pas d’accent – short (but true) storiesà

The first series is an English-language production entitled Pas d’accent because – I kinda have an accent according to the my friends here in Québec where I have now lived for 23 years. It is a narrative format on a broad range of topics that are part of my life as a bilingual (French/English) parent, musician, designer and all-around geek. There will always be music involved somewhere in each episode, produced right here in Studio Itou in lovely Sainte-Béatrix, Québec, about an hour-and-a-half north of Montréal.

Tradnation – trad life in real-time

A second podcast, in French, will premier at the end of the summer. The theme is traditional Québécois music and the podcast will feature interviews, recordings and exchanges with artists, their families, promoters and venues.

Daughterboard – tech conversations between generations

Coming soon! Conversations between generations about tech subjects, among others. Launching in late fall 2018.